Upgrade your engagement ring with Annoushka’s ring jackets

Annoushka’s ring jackets breathe new life into a significant piece without compromising the sentimentality

engagement rings by Annoushka with added ring jackets
(Image credit: Annoushka)

Breathe new life into an engagement ring without compromising the original design with Annoushka’s chic ring jackets, created to mark her own 30th wedding anniversary.

‘Two years ago, we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary and I started to think about how I might upgrade my engagement ring to mark the moment,’ Annoushka tells us. ‘There’s been a big trend for repurposing rings, taking out all the old stones and making something new, but I love my ring and didn’t want to lose the sentimentality. It was the first piece of jewellery I ever designed and made. Instead, I designed two rings to sit perfectly either side of it, creating a three-piece design, enhancing the original ring with an appropriately significant (four kids and 30 years later!) carat upgrade. The two new rings are designed to sit snugly alongside so that they wrap around the central ring like a beautiful diamond jacket – hence the name.’

Annoushka ring jackets

Annoushka engagement ring with added ring jacket

(Image credit: Annoushka)

The bespoke ring jackets, also available in a small selection of one-of-a-kind three-part rings, can work for any existing ring and can be worn alone or with other pieces for a statement look. 

‘It’s such a lovely and personal service because we’re working with an engagement ring that already holds lots of memories – we want to keep all of those stories, but find a way of breathing new life into it,’ Annoushka adds. ‘Since designing my own, I’ve had friends commissioning their own ring jackets to mark big anniversaries and birthdays and now we’re offering this as part of our bespoke service. It’s made me totally fall in love with my engagement ring all over again. 

‘Whether you’re celebrating a big anniversary or starting a new chapter in your life, it’s a fantastic opportunity to inject something fresh into your jewellery wardrobe. When it comes to the design it also doesn’t have to “match” your ring aesthetically – we can mix metals – a yellow gold ring jacket would look gorgeous with a white gold ring, or we could introduce some coloured gemstones into the jacket – there are no rules!’

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Annoushka engagement ring with ring jacket

(Image credit: Annoushka)

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